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Soucouyant Pre-vis Project

This project is a collaboration with Georgi Sugimoto {LinkedIn and Instagram}. I wrote the script, the storyboards, the 3D modeling, rigging, and texturing of the characters, and the previs. Georgi helped with the 2D conceptual art of the environments, characters, and carriage. 

Set in 1850s Jamaica, a young white plantation owner stops by the road to help a seemingly distressed black woman. When he unwittingly touches her, causing her transformation into a soucouyant (SOO-koo-yah), a monstrous vampire set on killing him. 


Character Designs by Georgi


Soucouyant is from Carribean Mythology. Within the mythos, it is believed that the spirit has two parts, one earthly and one divine. The divine part of the soul passes on to the afterlife, while the earthly soul remains in the body for up to nine days. If proper funeral rights are not followed, the earthly spirit may escape the body and become a duppy (Caribbean Folklore ~ The Duppy Ah Come). 


In the story, the main woman character's earthly soul wakes up from her body and wanders the streets. While collaborating with Georgi, I told him that I wanted her design to convey that her body was dumped in a ditch by a body of water. He did an amazing job adding water droplets and mud to her clothing and skin. 

During this time (1850s) in the Caribbean, it was of the assumption that all women of color were sex workers. White men would bring their carriages to free poc residents to pick up black and mixed-race women. The man was inspired by this piece of history. 

Environments and Carriage by Georgi


The environment is set in the mountains at twilight and nighttime. Georgi and I looked at paint swatches that would best set a horrific atmosphere. 

For the carriage I wanted to convey opulence and privilege; Georgi came back with purple and yellow designs that show as such. 


In the story, the carriage gets run off the road into a ravine. We collaborated on a bird's eye view sketch that better shows the placement of characters and carriage.  

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